Butoh & Qigong Workshops

Butoh-dance. photos from the workshop performances

Butoh and Qigong

Workshops, Health Qigong, and Butoh are suitable for all types of groups and people. Your own life experiences prepare you for an excursion to study your movements, presence, and inner landscape, your own story. No experience in movements or dance is required.

  • Butoh
  • Health Qigong
  • Physical theatre skills
  • Natural presence
  • Wakefulness
  • Sound and movement

I design and implement workshops on being in the moment, relaxation, tranquillity, and interaction for work communities, groups, and people who are interested in the skills of listening, uniqueness, and tranquillity. Your understanding of what is improved, allows you to diversify your methods and strengthen your abilities to take action skilfully.

For performers, people working in theatre and on stage, and groups and individuals interested in performance and creative movement, I customize training and guidance programs from different areas of physical theatre. Butoh provides a fruitful starting point for these programs. First, one’s own being and doing must be cleansed, so that something new can be born. A true body is influential and enriched with experiences.

Workshops are also run for children, the elderly, and special groups, or in cooperation with a specialist from one’s field. Butoh exercises can be done in many ways, but always by listening to one’s own body and by caring for oneself.

Butoh is safe creative bodily exercise, which enables us to become more familiar with our bodies. It provides integrative experiences through creative movement, which is always born from our bodies. Externally, this movement may be undetectable, and exercises can be done standing, sitting, or lying down. Images, relaxed concentration, silence, and slowness all support the experience of being present. Feel free to contact me and share your ideas, make suggestions, or ask for more information.

Qigong classes at Tampere, Finland 2022: We train outdoors, next to the Pyynikki fitness park (Herra Kivi's fitness park), in Tampere. Fee: 10 Euros, or 7,5 Euros via 8 times card.

Two descriptions of workshops

Slowness and silence – Images become movements, experiences, and presence

In this workshop, we experiment how mental images and tranquillity become movements and stillness of our own unique bodies.

With our own life experience as the starting point, we embark on a journey to study our own movement, presence, and inner landscape, our own story. Previous experience with movement is not required; your body alone is influential and enriched with experiences. Exercises are simple and are aimed to eliminate thoughts of doing things right or wrong. Your experience with the present moment is more important.

Slowness gives us time to dwell into an experience and gradually train ourselves to feel the mind and body as one. Silence is the key to listening, and listening helps us to be present. Dialogue by its own nature unfolds into broad-minded encounter with the self, the people around you, and the world.

The goal is to experience well-being, presence, and creativity, and feel the joy of existence.

Butoh – Movement and stillness, presence and creativity

This Butoh Workshop is suitable for all people who are interested in movement, presence, and creativity. The body is everyone’s closest world, and it is a good place to start. Movement, which stems from our own inner landscape, is the language of the body, where the mind and body are one and together, even paradoxically. Butoh approaches this movement of inner landscape, inviting it to dialogue with the world. Butoh is poetry of movement, a non-given dance.

The starting points of the Butoh Workshop are experience, body, and mental images, not shape or aesthetic agreement. The body itself is influential and enriched with experiences. In Butoh, mental images transform into movement and stillness, beauty and presence. Butoh is a colourful, creative, subjective focused way to train the mind and body as one and together, and is an intriguing form of performance.

The length of workshops can be customized. They can last one hour or one day. For longer workshops, lasting several days, additional exercises and directorial elements concerning natural presence, a final demo, or performance preparation and implementation, can be added. A non-critical, attentive, attitude towards exercises leads to joy of creativity and courage for participants, and can help to overcome stage fright among other things.

What is particular about these types of natural presence exercises is that we generally work without speaking and do not construct any roles. At first, it is perhaps better to deconstruct, let your inner noise abate, and become aware of your senses. This cleanses our own unique being, moving it towards a pleasant noiseless presence and certainty; a certainty to be here and now, open to the world.

As we become aware of our senses, the world becomes enriched. As we open ourselves to the experience of being, people find their own tale, which is part of a bigger, shared story.


Art, in its most natural state, provides integrative experiences which are beyond good or bad, free of criticism or expectations to succeed, to do things the right way. This is Art of Integrity.
Osku Leinonen

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