About my work: The Skin of Environmental Heritage

Sun. Color of an old wood door, the softness of the floor of wide wooden boards, emanating heat of a red wall painted with red ocher color, the wall charged by the sun, and thousands of looks. Touch wood, brick wall. Crack on a wall. Take a step. Find a new, once hidden detail, now revealed. Let your eyes and camera find what must be found, what has been left.

Rain. All colors have been changed, and surfaces are from another world. Colors are muted, but running water on a window glass makes beautiful reflections, patterns, and reformatted images. Bubbles inside an old glass and uneven surface make you feel comfortable. Not only are humans not perfectly formed, but the skin of the environment also has its marks. When my skin gets older, so do surfaces.

Wet. Suddenly, you notice all the colors that wet stone possesses. Colors are there, all little rainbows, and water has brought them for you to sense. The damp floor on an old stable has darker tones than the sun-dried wall. The dust has taken shelter, nestled against bums of wood. Dust doesn’t want to fly with a gust of air raised by the suddenly opened door. Instead, it behaves and looks different than when the dust is dry. In here, horseshoes have sculpted the floor with love and time, and now it is like a surface of a rare planet. Traces of work are all visible, with tool marks on wood, like signatures on white paper.

Cold. It's so silent. Metal has dim power in cold weather, and touching metal gives you chills. Rust flakes now have companions; tiny ice crystals with rust are next to each other, making the environment sparkling and glimmer. Light has changed, and the mood is different. A story has a new tone.

When I am seeing, touching, and taking photos of surfaces and textures, it is like touching and noticing the familiar skin of all beings, our shared environmental heritage. Not all material has the power to preserve our memory and life events so well. Already lived places, seasoned buildings, and surfaces have specific ability and quality, almost like your touch is a needle, texture, and vinyl record. Observe, notice, touch, and reveal the music of the lived environment and people who have been here. With my camera, I try to find and catch this music. I let the objective and light be the needle, which dances on the topography of surfaces. The preserved surrounding is our shared memory bank; we can’t lose it or lose a big part of ourselves.

With the camera and as a photographer, I try to collect what is possible to collect and share and remind viewers about this unique treasure. We all have favorite places, buildings, traces, houses, and secret childhood dens. We feel sincere about all aspects of the environment. Constructed, preserved, or found surfaces are part of our skin, the skin of environmental heritage. We should save what we can keep that is already part of our shared story, build a legacy, and invite those new in this area to our story via surfaces, textures, and buildings. All this helps us to remember: there have been others before us, we are part of a longer story - and there will be others when we are already left.

I started to shoot built and preserved environment textures at Piiru, Tampere Region Built Heritage Centre, in Pispala, Finland, in the summer of 2019 when starting my apprenticeship training there. I was immediately spellbound by the preserved surfaces there. The carefully renovated old mansion was, and is, a treasure of environmental heritage. I will continue my mission to notice and record more and to specialize as a "photographer of traces." To shoot a story of our shared skin of environmental heritage.

I appreciate beauty, art, and minute details, and I value small things around us. As a photographer, I aim to notice, share and remind of those little but meaningful traces around us, in our environment and built surroundings. Also, one of my specialties is to capture the feelings of the fantastic Pispala region where I live. My Pispala is full of unique buildings, people, and nature. Finally, as a visual artist and graphic designer, I find the best media and a mixture of tools to achieve rich communication between messages, textures, visual elements, and receivers.

As an artist, I aim to provide and make many mental images, awakened impressions, and memories through photography, graphic design, and visual arts. Photos give birth to solid prints and pictures, and these impressions become seeds of visual art and concepts, photographic experiments, and even performances of butoh dance.

As a human and fellow man, I wish to remind you and me about the importance of belonging to this place right now, regardless of what we have already lost or left behind. Our shared heritage can start now; we are part of that. So we have to notice and appreciate, and touch. With all our senses and gentleness. Osku Leinonen 2020

Benefits of Contemplative Photography

Wall art has become a must-have for homeowners worldwide; it’s a way of expressing thoughts and feelings that cannot be conveyed with words. Art's expressive nature allows you to paint a picture of your personality. Contemplative photography is a method of art and photography that creates thoughts and feelings.

Allows You to pause

Contemplative photography allows you to pause and reflect when looking at a particular piece of art, the benefits of which you can find as you read through this article. Contemplative photography is the art of photographing something, which can then be used as art within a home or living environment that has the power to stop you and allow you to reflect.

This is where we begin, as the first benefit of contemplative photography is its ability to distract you almost effortlessly into a relaxed state. When we talk about contemplative photography, you may initially think that the image itself is the most important thing. It’s very much the opposite. The particular embodiment can be of anything; how it's portrayed gives us a calming sensation. Not only does contemplative photography change your specific mood, but it also can give us a different perspective when viewing other photography pieces; doing this opens our minds and eyes to a whole new world... Read more about the benefits of Contemplative Photography

Fine Art Photography and Contemplative Wall Art from Photos 2022

Far-out Wall Art and Rustic Canvas Art from Pispala. I am very interested in the combination of photographs and text. I use this method in my work and art. Photos give birth to strong impressions and images, and these impressions become the seeds of performances, experiments, or picture books, like Myths.


In Butoh dance, this transformation of movements, metamorphoses, bodily conformations, and states of consciousness into images, which together can formulate the passage, or dramaturgy, of a whole performance is called Butoh-fu.

A Butoh performance and the photographs that eternalize it are very suitable for both graphic and textual post-processing. Butoh dance is a very animated performance art, both a moving picture and an energetic stillness, therefore providing an abundance of mental images and awakened impressions and memories.

Inner Landscape

The inner landscape within both the performer, photographer and the audience comes to life and the surface, being perceived by and interacting with everyday reality. During a powerful interaction, this kind of experience can produce something mutual and communal between people, coming from an archaic space of memories and experiences. It is this area from which and where extremely influential and important experiences in human life are born, taking the form of Butoh dance, poetry, myths, fables, art, love, and creative life.

Photography and Photo Retouching

My photos and wall art on the SmugMug site oskuleinonenphotography. com. High-Resolution photos, Buy and Download options also, Paper Prints, Desk Art, Canvases, Edge Prints, Acrylic Gallery, and Wall Art.

These photos are from the gallery Portfolio, Selected Pictures

4 ways to use Pispala Wall Art

How do I choose an apartment art? Having a home of your own is a dream come true for everyone. We spend a huge amount of time on its decoration and add a taste of our personality in the house. Different rooms give a different perspective and that is the reason a home is a place where you can truly depict the artist inside you. Now is the time to decorate the interior with our wall art from Pispala!

What is Pispala?

Pispala is a small city near Tampere, Finland full of art and culture. It is a place where many famous artists have lived and are still living so ART is in the roots of Pispala, Pispalian culture. For years, Pispalian art and rustic ambiance was not easy to find, until now when Osku Leinonen started showing the unique feeling of Pispala, through his photos and wall art. Osku Leinonen is a talented visual artist who has impeccable skills in photography. He loves to capture things and textures that are eye-catching, incredible, full of culture, gives vibes from the past and are appealing. Living in Pispala forced him to start to capture the true beauty of Pispala to the world and that is why he started selling his pictures and art on the walls for a reasonable price.


The question here is how can you use these pictures and art in your daily life?

4 ways to use Pispala Wall Art!

  • Aesthetic decor. When it comes to aesthetics, Osku Leinonen's photographs will help you create an aesthetic look at your home through wall art, canvas, art prints and framed art. The modern interior design is all about the minimalistic art and aesthetic look, with aesthetic color. The more things you add to the interior, the more its beauty fades. To give it an artistic, right look, you need to add a layer of Pispala on your walls. The best pictures to buy from Pispalian culture are waiting for you to add on a side table, on a wall or on one wall of your lounge and office. Save you time and effort and shop today. Find art prints and canvases to get the right space for you home.
  • Bohemian wall decoration. Pispala is the place for artist and that is why art lives inside the people. Almost everyone there knows how to come up with something artistic. Their lifestyle is saturated with lovely houses, homes, nature, interesting people and events. One of the best things about Pispalian culture is neighbourhood without a unified local development plan in past, resulting in unique building styles and solutions. These solutions are so attractive and colourful that they are unlimited source of creation and art. Just add a bohemian photos from and refill your interior with creative and inspiring energy!
  • Appealing gifts. You can also use Pispala wall art to gift others. It becomes a sweet gesture of love, and respect you give others by gifting cute little frames of beautiful and appealing pictures and art prints purchased from Osku Leinonen Photography. Many popular photo sizes to hang on the wall or to add on a table.
  • Boho-chic shirts. Do you want to look astonishing and add a boho-chic factor to your outfit? Everyone is doing Van Gough styled Tees so why not change the trend? Print out a t-shirt with bohemian Pispala photography and pair it with a divine skirt, ripped jeans or shorts! Make it super bewitching with some sneakers or shoes and BOOM! Your outfit will be not only loved by your friends but will make you charming and stylish.

Get your appealing wall art pictures and photos now!

A picture book myths

Lukunäyte means reading sample. BoD:n verkkokauppaan means Books on Demand online store. Also you can find this book from Amazon or Adlibris.


Art, in its most natural state, provides integrative experiences which are beyond good or bad, free of criticism or expectations to succeed, to do things the right way. This is Art of Integrity.
Osku Leinonen

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