Butoh Films and Other Shortfilms by MO theatre

Osku Leinonen & Maria Salangina

The Spell of the Sensuous

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The short film The Spell of the Sensuous is video poetry about the dance, which exists on a fragile surface, on crossroads of rivers, on a top of the trees, on a border of different Worlds. It's a dialog between a human being and his shadow.

That was the time when Words were like Magic. The human mind had mysterious powers. A word spoken by chance might have strange consequences. It would suddenly come alive and what people wanted to happen could happen - all you had to do was say it. Nobody could explain this: That's the way it was. - Nalungiaq, an Inuit woman

Film by Maria Salangina Performance by Osku Leinonen Music by Johan Troch MO theatre 2015


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Short film about connection of human body with nature. Environment as a reflection of a mind. Inner dance and art of presence.


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Filmed and performed in Soidinsuo swamp, Finland, at 2009

A film by Masha Salangina Performers Osku Leinonen, Natalia Zhestovskaya, Grigory Glazunov, Reija Stenius, Saara Holmberg, Mirva Mattila Costumes and installations Merja Malkki

The idea to make the film Wetland was inspired by The Kalevala – epic poetry compiled by Elias Lönnrot from Finnish and Karelian oral folklore and mythology. It is regarded as the national saga of Finland.

My motivation to explore Kalevala was my great passion to learn and understand Finnish culture through myths and legends, in where the wisdom of ancestors is preserved. To know your future, you should learn your past – this is the ultimate goal of my work; to be here and now, to widen up the boundaries of experimental film genre and enrich the art of cinema. Masha Salangina 2010


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Myths — stories within us Above the ground I feel my feet Under the water I hear my beat Outhwith mouth I taste what's sweet At dusk I see my eyes In mist I smell white roses Through Myths worlds come closer Osku Leinonen

Creation of the performance: Osku Leinonen and Masha Salangina butoh.name Mythopoetic Theatre (MO theatre) Video installation: Liudmila Kartoshkina Camera man: Ilmari Ikkonen

A picture book Myths — stories within oneself

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Myths — stories within oneself Author Osku Leinonen

Myths is a picture book of text and photographs that aims to capture the moment otherwise lost in the millions of minutes of speeding time.

It freezes what else would melt into the forgetfulness of all our yesterdays. Photos are from the butoh performance Myths and from ever-surprising nature.

Butoh arises from the subliminal myths of our dormant recollections. It is a moving record of the half-forgotten. Butoh is the living mirror of our shared lives.

Butoh dancers Masha Salangina and Osku Leinonen You can find the book Myths — stories within oneself for example from Amazon.co.uk


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Butoh performance BeTwin in Hurmuri festival 2009, Outokumpu, Finland Video projection created by Masha Salangina Performers Osku Leinonen & Masha Salangina, music by Ivan Afanasyev

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BeTwin in the Empty Hills festival 2009, Moscow. Part of the beginning Performance by Osku Leinonen & Masha Salangina butoh.name Mythopoetic Theatre (MO theatre) Music, video and video art by Alexander Naymushin (VJ Kirsan)

Uncounted sceneries eventful memories

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Uncounted sceneries eventful memories - Osku Leinonen and Masha Salangina. MO theatre (former name butoh.name Mythopoetic theatre).


Art, in its most natural state, provides integrative experiences which are beyond good or bad, free of criticism or expectations to succeed, to do things the right way. This is Art of Integrity.
Osku Leinonen

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