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Rouge. Premiere Juuret festival 2.1.2019 Outokumpu, Finland. Is it possible to invite MO Theatre to perform this performance?

Our newest performance Rouge combines the aesthetics of Butoh dance and ritual theatre. Characters of myths and legends appear in front of the audience in their archetypical beauty. These appearances are different manifestations of the human soul, which has merged into one. The fascinating atmosphere of the mystery, in where happens a transformation of man, is returning to the elements of the world itself. The performance is like life itself; it's very accurate. This is a discovery of the myth, the breath of myth.

MO theatre, photos Anna Tervahartiala

Osku Leinonen and Maria Salangina

MO theatre creates and performs unique works that draw one's inspiration from nature, myths, dreams, and moments of now, combining Butoh, physical theatre, video, and visual arts. Osku Leinonen and Masha Salangina established MO Theatre in 2015 as the continuation of Butoh—name Mythopoetic Theatre.

  • Performances
  • Directorial work
  • Devising theatre
  • Photo, video art, and short film works

Salangina and I perform directorial work for various groups and events. In addition, we are happy to collaborate with musicians, photographers, schools, theatres, art galleries, etc. Feel free to contact me and share your ideas, make suggestions, or ask for more information.

As a director, the aim is to contact the person's essence, to tap into his embryonic and latent source. As every human being is a singular creation, the copycat syndrome and the clone division must be avoided at all costs. Butoh helps in liberating the conformist person.

Through the being experience, the person and performer momentarily become the exposer of potential, free from the notion of success, performance, or social flesh. The person grows away from differentiation and towards integrity, towards one’s independent creativity. Performances and encounters are found and carry their value and suchness. We let performances and meetings breathe, stand on their own feet, and approach occurrence.

The practice of Butoh heightens our latent awareness and teaches the practitioner to spiritually progress devoid of prejudice and society's synthetically imposed goals. In this way, we banish the false exteriors to gaze upon the true inner life of the Butoh follower. Furthermore, this makes it possible to flourish without wasting time in fraudulent pursuits; in its wake, we are left with an enriched experience. Resultantly, beauty, art, and your essence have a more transparent and more truthful light shed upon them. This is achieved, in time, with a newly discovered and effortless creative energy.

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Art, in its most natural state, provides integrative experiences which are beyond good or bad, free of criticism or expectations to succeed, to do things the right way. This is Art of Integrity.
Osku Leinonen

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